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So, I was tagged by :iconpichu-rox-sox:

1: you must post the rules
2: everyone tagged must say 5 things about themselves in their journals
3: answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and make 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
4: you have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons in your journal
5: go to their pages and tell them theyve been tagged
6: no tag backs
7: no stuff saying 'if you read this youre tagged', you must legitimately tag 11 people

1. I'm female
2. I am still single (the boys are drooling and all..)
3. I wear glasses.
4. I play piano and flute and messed around with percussion before giving up entirely...
5. I really-really like chocolate. (I've used this before)

1. Do youlive in canada, the USA or other?
:sing: Oh, Canada. Our home and native land...

2. Do you smoke?

3. are you happy right now?
Uh, at this very moment? (It's exam week, ask me later.)

4. Will you give me a hug?
Sure. :hug:

5. Coke or Pepsi?

6. Do you have a pet?
Two. Roula and Spitz.

7. what kind? (referring to #6)

8. Can you give me a Llama?
Uh... idk. I haven't quite grasped this whole llama thing, not gonna lie...

9. Is this the last question?
No. And OMG!! This feels like a vlogbrother's reference...

10. What do YOU think about S.O.P.A. and others??
They suck. SOPA and PIPA can go die in a whole. But not the same hole. They have to die alone.


I DON'T KNOW ELEVEN PEOPLE!!! :O (on dA, before anyone gets all pitying.)

But if you want to:

1. So, what'cher name?
2. If your a guy, would you date me? If your a girl, would you date the guys who say they'd date me?
3. Do like chocolate? Do you really-really like chocolate?
4. Do exams suck? (That's not a question. Answer it anyway)
5. Is crappy art still art? (Ooo! How wisedomy and stuff...)
6. Umm... running out of ideas.... Could you explain to poor loser me what the llama thing is about?
7. If you could have any other name in the world, even one you made up, what would it be?
8. *Running out of time* Um.. Dance. Is it a sport or an art or both?
9. Why do we, as humans, torture ourselves?
10. What are your views on the soco-political status of Latvia?
11. Is there life after death?
12. *BONUS!!* What is the air velocity of an unladened swallow?
  • Listening to: The rustle of the paper...
  • Reading: Derek Landy's Dark Days
  • Watching: Big Bang Theory
  • Eating: Stew
  • Drinking: Tea.


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Wouldn't call myself an artist. I'd call myself a doodler.


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